The village of Taxiarchis is built near the top of mount Cholomontas at an altitude of 650 meters. Tradition connects it with the Holy Mount and especially the Docheiariou monastery and the monastery of the Archangel Michael who had a monastery in the village.It is 25 kilometers far from Polygyros. The inhabitants engaged in logging, firewood production and agricultural crops and livestock. Several women engaged in weaving, knitting and embroidery, while a significant proportion of income derived from the cultivation of fir for Christmas trees. Finally, more and more people involved in rural tourism. As for sightseeing, mount Cholomontas gives visitors the chance to enjoy the dense forest, full of oaks, beeches, chestnuts, oaks, pines, firs, and a variety of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and herbs, while the view offered some sites are unique