By Car:
-Take the national road Thessaloniki-Poligiros to Polygyros
-Pass New Redestos, Vasilika, Galatista, the junction to Vavdos, and find the intersection to Agios Prodromos and Arnea. Do not turn to Agios Prodromos, but continue towards to Poligiros as you are going
-5, 8 kilometers below, you find the junction to Paleocastro - Forest University of Taxiarchis, where you have to turn left.
-Pass through Palaiocastro and follow the path to Taxiarchi.
-After 12km. encounter an intersection in a "horseshoe" of the road, which turns right to Taxiarchis and Poligiros. Do not turn right but continue as you were going.
-2, 5km following encounter another intersection, left to right to Paleochora and Taxiarchis. You continue straight as you were going.
-After passing this junction 1.5 km encounter on your right the chapel of Prophet Ilia.
-At 50 meters after the church turn left on the dirt road that leads to "Elatodasos."
By Bus:
The bus access is exclusive to transit from Polygyro.Apo Polygyro to the Commander, made ​​two trips per day from Monday to Friday at 06:20 and at 15:00. Saturday is 1 service at 14:30 and Sunday there dromologia.
To phone communication with the station Polygyrou KTEL Halkidiki is: 23710 22309
Apo Thessaloniki to Polygyro you can see the route here.
The contact numbers station Thessaloniki KTEL Chalkidiki are: 2310 316555/316565/316575